domingo, 26 de enero de 2014

Santa Pola's 25th half marathon

One could tell that the date was close; there were enough signs,the training getting more intense,the excitement of the first race of the year mounting,people talking on and on about the race itself ,the time they intend to do, what the weather is going to be like and so on. All that makes this race, probably, the most special of all, and that,s why the club has attended it for so long without missing a single year. This year we were all worried about the rain and the forecast wasn't wrong, it did rain! but this was not strong enough to stop the determination of more than 9000 runners and several others organizers and volunteers who made that day, such a great one. All the menbers of the club had a great race, as it usually is in Santa Pola, and we celebrated it afterwards on the club's annual winter lunch! These are the times of those who took part: ANTONIO GUTIERREZ 1;20,28 GUILLERMO DIAZ 1;23,49 PILAR RUBIO 1;27,01 PABLO CAMPOS 1;28,24 MANOLO HERRERIAS 1;29,35 PEDRO BORJA 1;30,45 JUANFRAN PICO 1;31,16 PATRICIO MARTI 1;32,26 DAVID JIMENEZ 1;34,49 PEDRO J. MARTI 1;36,14 JOSE L.RODRIGUEZ 1;35,55 JOSE ALCARAZ 1;35,25 JOSE M.ALVADO 1;40,21 CARLOS HERNANDEZ 1;39,31 JOSE M. RIPOLL 1;40,20 ANTONIO SERRAT 1;44,35 SEBASTIAN ALOONSO 1;43,58 PEPI MARTINEZ 1;44,42 VICENTE SIMON 1;48,30 MARIA JOSE ALBA 1;48,30 JOSE A. SIGNES 1;49,11 DOMINGO GUILLEN 1;49,27 SALVADOR DIEZ 1;51,05 PEDRO J. LLORET 1;54,33 JOSE L. ZAMORA 1;56,39 MICHAEL REEVES 1;57,16 TONI BOCERO 2;05,40 SERAFI CORTES 2;06,08 JOSE ANGEL GASPAR 2;15,34

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pau albors dijo...

Once again this race has met the high expectations we all had in it, and I will ,particulary, always remenber this edition.

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