domingo, 23 de febrero de 2014


Last Sunday, February the 16th, six brave menbers of the club made it to the Granadella´s moutain half marathon.
This is the second year running,(good one or what) that thhe club takes part in this race with its breathtaking views that make up ,in a way, for its streneous circuit.
The race started and finished in an area known as Campo Pinosol, and a total of 806 runners made it to the end, of wich six were from C.A.Altea.
Our friends made it as follows:
MANOLO    HERRERIAS       1,37;10

JOSE ALVADO                       1,40;50

PERE GARCIA                        1,40;51

JOSE PORTA                          1,45;00

MIQUEL MARTINEZ             1,49;30

PERE ESCORTELL                1,49;30

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Pablo Campos dijo...

Well done to those who represented us in such a hard race!

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