sábado, 30 de noviembre de 2013


On a glorious Sunday, November the 24th, took place the so much awaited, by so many runners, 30th edition of the ever so popular Benidorm's half marathon.
The weather was really good and invited to do the race although many of us needed no invitation, we'd make no matter what.
Around 2000 runners made it to the haf marathon and also the 10k wich started half an hour before.
The winner of the half marathon was a Brit called Joe Bailey,menber of the club Salford Harriers, who made a time of 1:10,25,followed by two local runners.Joe happened to end up second last year so he has taken his own back this year.
The first woman to cross the finishing line was Amelia Martin from the club Carnicas Serrano with a time of 1:24.
It was a very well organised race and everyone involved did a good job.The only sad news was the stroke that one of the runners suffered although was reanimated and last thing I heard was that he was stable.
As far as the C.A.Altea is concerned it was 17 of us that day wich is very good,and the times were as follows:

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pau albors dijo...

Toda una gozada poder disputar esta tan querida prueba, encima la temperatura era muy buena y el viento que tanto soplo durante la semana, nos dio una tregua.
Yo,personalmente, contentisimo y muy orgulloso de mis colegas de club que hicieron una actuacion mas que meritoria.

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