lunes, 14 de abril de 2014

Gata 9.7k

The Marina Alta borough's second edition, took place last March the 23rd.
That Sunday more 1521 runners made the 9.7k race, wich started and finished,as usual,at the local school.
The race was organised by the town hall and the C.A.Gata,and kicked-off at 10a.m.
A total of eight of our dear companions made it that day, and here are their times:

MANOLO  HERRERIAS        40;30
JOSE ALCARAZ                     41;01
ANTONIO SERRAT               45;57
VICENTE SIMON                  46;02
DOMINGO GUILLEN            48;18
MICHAEL REEVES                52;14
JOSE GASPAR                        55;20
SERAFIN CORTES                 57;35

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