miércoles, 2 de abril de 2014

Murcia half marathon 2014

Once again, for the second year of course running, I can´t help saying that, the club took part in the half marathon in the city of Murcia.Organized by the town hall of Murcia and the C.A. Murcia it started and finished at the municipal sport center,last sunday March the 16th.
this year the runners could choose between doing 21k or 10k.
The weather, unusual for this time of the year, was hot wich obiously made it harder than it is anyway.
These are the times of our fellow runners:

Antonio Gutierrez Risquez  1:23,53
Pilar Rubio Alarcón            1:31,05
Domingo Guillen                 1:56,10
Jose Luís Zamora                1:56,54
M.Jose Alba                      1:59,36

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