sábado, 22 de noviembre de 2014


Last November, the 2nd, while quite a few of us were challenging our legs in the X Miles of Alfas, three of them opted the much flatter circuit and made it to Gandia for the half marathon. The race started at ten, departing from the sport center and going along the beautiful sea front of Gandia as well as the old town to finished were it started. This year was a bit more special since it was its 20th birthday and the C.A.El Garbi, the local running club, as well as the town hall,did a considerable effort in making sure the race would exceed everyone's expectations. The three mosqueteers,Dartagnan never turned up,were: ANTONIO GUTIERREZ: 1,22;22.Se me ponen los pelos de punta. MIGUEL MARTINEZ: 1,33;19. JOSE GASPAR: 2,14;03.

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