martes, 11 de noviembre de 2014

The season has started and after our dear race in Altea ,we move on to the next one on the calendar wich is, of course,the X miles.This year, this popular race, had to compete with another very popular one, the Gandia half marathon. I always thought that the distance is quite deceiving since there,s hardly any flat bits and makes this race a very hard one. The weather looked excellent as we picked up the numbers, it was cloudy and not at all hot.This all changed as the race began, half an hour after we thought,and the clouds vanished and the sun began to show. As usual, a very enjoyable race very well organized with plenty of feeding stations,and all we could need at the end,beer, energetic drinks, even massages were available on demand. The club did very well, with 21 members taking part, the second club after Benidorm with 24,so I don't know if there was a ham this year but we would have been very close. The club did really well,congratulations to all of you,and these are the times:

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